I have always had a great interest and passion for Radio in particular Local Radio, and can fondly remember the early days of Local Radio in Kilkenny. In fact one of the best presents I ever received was an Internet Radio from my wife. Literally the sounds of the world at the press of a button. Over the years I had the opportunity to work a little with Local Radio in my capacity as a P.R.O. for local G.A.A. Club in the communication of match reports and so on and really enjoyed the experience. Prior to the granting of the Station Licence this year I had the opportunity of working with Nickey Brennan on the Saturday Morning show which I really enjoyed and learned much from. The challenge and experience of putting together a sixty minute Radio Show and working alongside a great Professional such as Nickey was indeed very Educational and most of all enjoyable. I love the way Radio allows the mind to paint pictures. It is both intimate and accessible. It has the capacity to bring people and their stories to such a wide audience. This is especially true of Local Radio by and for the people of Kilkenny run in a voluntary capacity. I look forward to presenting my new Show on Saturdays from 5 to 6pm. It will be a magazine style show which will present sixty minutes of interesting news past and present, some music, our good news story of the week locally, interviews and covering topics of interest to the people of Kilkenny. I do hope the public will tune in each Saturday and I look forward to hearing and sharing their views and stories.