Mission Statement

Community Radio Kilkenny City Mission Statement

  • Community Radio Kilkenny City is a community based, volunteer­led, station promoting the aims and ideals of the communities it serves in Kilkenny City and environs through either direct participation or
  • Community Radio Kilkenny City is primarily a volunteer operated station, supported by a small executive team under the control of the Board of KCCCS and a number of sub­committees comprised entirely of
  • Community Radio Kilkenny City is dedicated to enhancing the listening choice of all people in Kilkenny City and environs through a diverse range of programming content, thus reflecting all the communities it
  • Community Radio Kilkenny City actively encourages the direct involvement of all communities, organisations, societies, groups, .. in Kilkenny City and environs in the delivery of diverse programming presentation and output.
  • Community Radio Kilkenny City actively encourages and promotes the up­skilling of individuals who wish to undertake a career in radio broadcasting through professionally organised training We will afford such individuals an opportunity to use the radio station to gain valuable on­air experience.

Ownership / Management

We operate on a basic philosophy of equality and democracy. Over the years we have tried to use terms that are less hierarchical to describe what we do. However, it can be confusing for new, and indeed longer serving volunteers and staff. Here is a brief outline of the ownership and management structures of Community Radio Kilkenny City, which we hope may help:

Board of Management

This is the group of volunteers that manage the affairs of Community Radio Kilkenny City. This group meets every month and sets policy. The members of this Board are elected at the Co­op’s A.G.M. Only shareholding members of the Co­op can stand for election to the Board of Management. This Board is the legal management body of the project.


Michael Walshe, Garden Villas, Kilkenny (Category B).


Doctor Miriam Hogan, St. Anthony’s, Newpark, Kilkenny (Category B)

Committee Members

Ann Tobin, Ballinaboola, Maddockstown, Co. Kilkenny (Category A) Dermot Kearney, The Racecourse, Kells Road, Kilkenny (Category A) Pat Fitzpatrick, Cloghpook, Ballyfoyle, Co. Kilkenny (Category A)

Jim Gibbons, Kilcreene Road, Kilkenny (Category A)

Kay Sheehy, Kin­Ross, Waterford Road, Kilkenny (Category B) Ann M. Gibbons, Kilree, Kilkenny (Category C)

Jimmy Guiry, Slieverue, Co. Kilkenny (Category C)

Joseph Reidy, Parliament House, Parliament Street, Kilkenny (Category D) Ber Scott, Walkin Street, Kilkenny (Co­opted)

Fr. Willie Purcell C.C., Callan, Co. Kilkenny (Category F)


Community Radio Kilkenny City have contracted out the day to day running of the station to a Manager & Production Co­Ordinator. We also have a Sponsorship & Funding Co­Ordinator.


Anyone wishing to support the ideals of democratic ownership of media may apply to become a shareholder. Shares cost €15 for an individual. Shareholders can attend and vote at the AGM. Each member has only one vote. Application for membership is open to anyone supporting the ethos of Community Radio Kilkenny City with particular emphasis of those living in or working in Kilkenny City & its environs.t place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.