It was always Rhythm and Roots with KAYB, with such a passion for music its no surprise to learn that i started on this fantastic journey in 1982 as a pirate radio presenter with K.C.R. in a hay-barn on the Ballycallan Road. I used to cycle my old high Nelly bike up them hills with bags of LPs dangling from the handlebars, until I could afford an LP box which I put on the carrier, it made cycling a bit more balanced. What dedication, what memories and what a great bunch of presenters to have worked with ? After K.C.R. I presented Rhythm and Roots on Kilkenny's only FM radio A.M.S. Ad-Asterea Media Services on 98.6FM in The Arcade in High Street which was another memorable time. After a lot of hard work by a dedicated crew, the doors opened to Radio Kilkenny 96.6FM In the Hebron Industrial Estate  where Rhythm and Roots continued. Rhythm and Roots represents my own personal tastes in music and as a collector, that's anything from Rock, Reggae, Cajun, Zydeco, Bluegrass, New and Vintage Blues, American Folk, Country Rock, Hill-billy and Swamp with a special interest in new and up and coming singers and songwriters. For me, KAYB, Music is a way of life.