Evan’s Home Refurbishment. Commencement of On-Site Works

Evan’s Home Refurbishment. Commencement of On-Site Works

Evan’s Home Refurbishment. Commencement of On-Site Works


15th September, 2018

Re: Evan’s Home Refurbishment. Commencement of On-Site Works.

Dear Local Resident/Business,

I refer to previous information note issued in mid-May 2018 and can confirm that works have progressed well in the three months since Mythen Construction took possession of the site.

In those three months the site compound has been set up, access to the site established, the crane erected, internal demolition, salvage and stabilisation works undertaken, 13 rotary concrete piles constructed and raking out and re-pointing of the building’s stonework is well underway. Roof slates are now removed to enable strengthening and conservation of the timber structures supporting the roof.

In the coming weeks concrete ground beams to support the new structure at the northern elevation will be constructed. The raking out and re-pointing of the limestone walls will continue as will the conservation and strengthening works to the timber roof structures. Conservation surveys have been undertaken and methodologies developed for the conservation/restoration of the boundary walls.

A gas main connection via Barrack Lane is required for the site and the connection point to the existing gas main is on the opposite side of John Street (outside Langtons). This will necessitate a night time excavation across John Street and these works will most likely be undertaken late September or early October. Further notices will issue in due course in that regard.

I have attached some photographs that give a general feel for the works currently being undertaken. They include;

  1. A piece from an old memorial plaque/stone used in the building of Evan’s Home (the current building was built in 1818, the date on the stone (which is upside down) appears to be 1542,

  2. One of the internal corridors serving the bedrooms in Evan’s Home,

  3. The removal of the roof slates to enable the timber roof supports to be conserved/renewed as appropriate,

  4. The completed concrete piles, 16m deep, to support the new extension

As previously advised the works will continue until late 2019.

Please email me at simon.walton@kilkennycoco.ie if you have any enquiries.

A further update will be circulated to local residents/businesses towards the end of 2018.


Simon Walton,

Project Manager